About Us

Your Professional & Expert Contractor

DAF-Will Supplies & Financials (DSF) Limited is a business initiative founded in 2021, legally registered and focused on the provision of quick and reliable financial services, general supplies, construction and consultancy services by taking active presence to the communities.

The company is committed on providing quality services to her esteemed customers at very suitable prices with an aim of delivering beyond the expectations of the clients.

DAF-Will Supplies & Financials (DSF) Limited have a highly committed and visionary team ready to serve and partner with the company’s clients, helping them achieve their goals more effectively and with great efficiency. The company is in a business to offer reliable and affordable goods and services that mainly target Government, NGOs, Schools, Small businesses, individuals, and the community among others.

Our Slogan

Timely & satisfactory services

Our Vision

A vibrant market leader and a partner of choice in the provision of quick and reliable services in the community

Our Mission

To establish and promote collective actions in the provision of quick and reliable services for sustainable development by taking active presence to the community.

Our aims & Objectives

  • To provide quick and reliable financial services such as agent banking services, Money Transfer services, money lending and Mobile money services by engaging in partnerships with Commercial Banks and communication Networks.

  • To provide affordable general supplies including stationery, motor vehicle spare parts, hardware materials and general merchandise.

  • To provide construction services by making collective actions of delivering satisfactory results to customers

  • To offer consultancy services in the fields of auditing and financial training & development of employees

  • To ensure there is an efficient and effective programming and management system in place.

  • To put the company on an active partnerships and networking environment.

  • To ensure that there is a strong governing body of the company in place.

  • To establish and strengthen a sustainable financial resource base