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You can now get simplified and modified loan products from us to suit your needs. We give you a range of options, and you can apply for and receive a loan within one or two working days. You can get a fixed deposit product that earns you competitive interest income. You can also get your transaction solutions such as agency banking, mobile money and money transfer with us. Whether you want to send money locally or abroad. Don’t look any further – We have these solutions in one house now…

What we offer

Money Lending


DSF extends credit to individuals and institutions with the expectation that the full amount of the loan will be repaid. Interest will be earned which is charged at a specific percentage of the total amount of the loan extended to the borrower. Our loan repayment occurs in installments such as weekly, monthly or lump sum at a l ater date. The company also offers a fixed deposit product where a customer’s deposits are fixed at an attractive interest rate for an agreed period, with no withdrawals before the period elapses. Our products can be used for various purposes such as financing working capital, personal or business consumption

Mobile Money


DAF-Will Supplies & Financials (DSF) Limited considers mobile money business among the fastest growing businesses greatly helping the country transition into a cashless economy. From this point, the company offers MTN Mobile and AIRTEL money services. This is a money transfer mechanism, based on MTN’s and AIRTEL’s Mobile Money platform, which transfers money between phone users.

Agent Banking


Agency banking is simply a third party banking where required bank customers are able to carry out bank transactions at any of our established offices. DAF-Will supplies & Financials (DSF) Limited was selected and appraised by the Commercial Banks respectively and then approved by Bank of Uganda. In order to access the service, one is required to hold an account with the required commercial Banks. We offer the following services in line with the Agent Banking regulations;

Money Transfers


This service is offered on electronic and inter-branch basis. Our clients do not longer carry cash from one area to the other as they can be paid from any of our existing branches. The general public shall also benefit from this service when sending cash to family and friends.

Conviniet agent banking

Want to dodge the line at your bank? Come and bank with us!

Easy loan processing

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